How we began

The Association was established in 2004 by a small group of people led by Rev. Brian Timbrell.  It was established to promote public health by the promotion of Spiritual Healing for the benefit of the public, and to advance the education of the public in all aspects of Spiritual Life and Spiritual Healing and to cut across the barriers of language, race, culture and religion by bringing together all disciplines of Spiritual Healing.

The S.P.H.A. is fully committed to its non-denominational philosophy.  We embrace all belief systems.  We strive to maintain the human rights ethos of the individuals’ right to the freedom of choice.

Our aim in the SPHA is to offer Healers, potential Healers and Friends of the healing arts the opportunity to be a part of a Healing Association that does not lay down rules and regulations regarding how the Divine should be perceived, for this is a very personal experience.  We also openly encourage education of the public in all aspects of Spiritual Healing and to cut across the barriers of language, race, culture or religion by bringing together all disciplines of Spiritual Healing.

Membership of the Spiritual Pathway Healing Association is open to all irrespective of race, colour or creed.

If you have the desire to help others through the laying-on-of-hands Healing or Distant Healing without dogmatic constraints then this is the Association for you.

Throughout the UK in groups, Centres and Sanctuaries, Healers are finding that their Healing Association no longer offers the support and commitment that it once did; that is why so many are turning to the Spiritual Pathway Healing Association.  

We commit ourselves to the high standards we have set and strive to ensure that all Healers always maintain these high standards for the good of all.

The Trustees

The SPHA Trustees are not only skilled administrators but each Trustee is also a dedicated active Healer, specialising in a particular aspect of Spiritual Healing. With this wealth of knowledge, gained over many dedicated years of helping all those in need, the SPHA, and its members, is firmly equipped to support, advise and nurture the growth of: 

the individual Healer
the potential Healer 
the Healing Centre
the seeker of spiritual knowledge 
personal development
education of the public

We are here for you
The SPHA strives to provide ‘a friendly approach’ to its members, which is why the full contact details are published of the Chairman and Trustees.  This is done so that the member will never be concerned that they are ‘out on a limb’ and alone.  We value our members most highly and we will always endeavour to provide the support and advice one should expect from a truly caring Association. 

Our Members

Membership consists of Practising Healers, Probationary Healers and Associate members (friends).  Within the group of Practising Healers are our Healer Trainers and Area Representatives.  All of our Healers are expected to have attended a training course on Listening Skills and also to have a basic understanding of Human Anatomy and Physiology.  To this end we run our own courses to ensure that all of our Healers have received the same training.

Our Certificate of Professional Liability Insurance covers all Healers, both Probationary and Qualified for up to £5,000,000.

The disciplines covered are as follows:

Spiritual Healing
Massage Therapy
Indian Head Massage


Colin West - Chairman

Colin West
07956 171822

Ian West - Membership Secretary

Ian West
Membership Secretary
07455 227100

Jean West - Membership Secretary

Jean West
Membership Secretary
07455 227100

Janette Jagla - Treasurer / Deputy Chair

Janette Jagla
Treasurer / Deputy Chair
01935 862159

Pamela Morris - Administrator

Pamela Morris
07788 860623

John Jagla - Healing Co-ordinator

John Jagla
Healing Co-ordinator

Area Reps

No area reps currently