What is Healing?

Healing is:

  • To restore Health and Soundness
  • To restore to Wholeness
  • To ease and relieve
  • To bring a harmonious and balanced state......the Mind, Body and Soul.

How does Healing work?

The Divine Universal Energy field is channeled through the Healer to the person receiving healing to bring a "Healing" state as above.

Why do I need to be Trained and involved with a Healing Association?

The Training Course is designed to guide students how to give healing.  It gives students the opportunity to learn how to practice Healing within a safe framework, how to protect themselves and to understand the law as it affects complementary therapies. Belonging to an organisation gives support for any issues that may arise, such as personal, professional and legal.  Your patients are entitled to expect you to work to professional standards and to be fully insured etc.

The Spiritual Pathway Healing Association believes in self-regulation for Healers and other Complementary Therapists and only by being involved with an organisation will this be achieved.

What is its purpose?

The purpose of Healing  is to bring into harmony, Mind,  Body and Spirit in an attempt to help restore good health and wholeness to the person.

Can I become a Healer?

The answer is yes! The Healing ability is a gift we all possess and is within us. With right intentions, time, dedication, persistent practice and guidance, the natural ability can be strengthened and focused. This subconscious ability manifests in many ways ie, the mother who picks up a child who has hurt itself and gives it a kiss and a hug, or a nurse who takes time out to talk with a sick and upset patient and brings comfort and reassurance to him/her.

It is to be noted that the potential Healer must be prepared and willing to work at perfecting the art of Healing in order to become a more efficient channel for Healing Energy.


Does Healing Cure Illness?

It some cases there have been very good improvements in a patient's condition, however we cannot guarantee that healing provides a cure. The Codes of Conduct for all qualified Healers clearly defines this. What we can say is that there have been recorded many remarkable results from Healing. The fact that someone has benefited from Healing is an indication in itself.  Those who are terminally ill often benefit greatly from Healing, as it has been found to be very relaxing. That, in itself, is a tremendous benefit in times of stress and fear of the unknown.

Why do some Healers charge?

Some Healers may charge, others may accept donations. You must understand that some Healers whilst they would like to offer free Healing sessions, the costs involved in training, travelling, advertising, insurance and keeping up to date with new rules all have to be paid for. Nevertheless do not be led to believe that a Healer who charges a high fee is any better than one who does not. This is definitely not the case. The SPHA is a non-profit making charity and is served only by voluntary donations.

What will happen at a Healing Session?

The Healers wi]] explain how they work and approximately how long the session will take. You may attain a feeling of deep relaxation, feel heat, cold and or a tingling sensation. Some Healers may with your permission, touch the body during Healing (in appropriate places only) others will not. The effectiveness of the Healing should not be affected in either case. Persons receiving healing are allowed chaperones during the healing session. 

What happens after a Healing session?

You should feel more relaxed and will hopefully have a good night's sleep. Following that you may, for example, feel an improvement from aches and pains that you have. However, every person responds differently to healing treatment so it’s difficult to generalise on what to expect.

How long should I continue with Healing?

Sometimes Healing is successful in one treatment. However, healing is generally progressive, results appear gradually. Please do not feel discouraged and give up in the early stages. It is very rare for anyone to continue receiving Healing for a period without obtaining some benefit.

Do you need to be Religious to have Healing?

You do not have to be religious to benefit from having Healing. The healing energy is channelled by the Healer and works irrespective of the patients' religious beliefs.

If I am seeing a Healer can I stop seeing my Doctor?

No! Healing is complementary to conventional medicine, not an alternative or a replacement. The Doctor remains in charge of the medical care of the patient at all times. The qualified Healers Code of Conduct forbids the Healer to diagnose, or countermand any medical advice.

Why is Healing not always accepted by all of the Medical Profession?

Unless they have Medical Training, Healers are not Qualified Doctors and as such, there has been some resistance to the embracing of Healing and other Complementary Therapies, by the Medical Profession. This is now slowly changing. Some General Practitioners have Healers working within their surgeries and some Healers are now working within the hospital system.

Can you Heal yourself?

Yes! We all have the ability to heal ourselves, but as with many other things in life a helping hand is very useful.

How can I find a Healer in my area?

The Spiritual Pathway Healing Association will be pleased to advise you of where the nearest healer or centre is in your area.

Can I see a Healer in Hospital?

You should always ask the person in charge of the ward for permission. This allows the medical team to be aware that their patient is receiving Healing. How can we expect health professionals to accept Healers if we do not seek their permission before offering healing. Remember also that the Doctor is responsible for the overall care of the patient. The Nursing staff have the right to deny access to the ward to individuals unless they are relatives. It may be the case that no visitors are permitted to visit patients in intensive care units and there may be limited visiting hours. In most cases permission will be given.

Is Distant / Absent Healing effective?

Yes! Distant / absent healing can be very effective. Some patients have claimed that it is better for them than local Healing. Some people believe that distant Healing only works when it is sent via a Healing circle or group. This is a personal preference for as long as the patient receives the energies, the Healing has a good chance of working.

Are you depleted after giving Healing?

On the contrary, working with spiritual Healing is replenishing. The energy of the Healer is not being used at all and the Healing energies also remain with the Healer. You will be guided on this by your course trainer at the SPHA.

The above questions and answers are provided for use as a general guide only. They do not necessarily reflect the views of the Spiritual Pathway Healing Association.

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